Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Feminine/Masculine Energy

How unenlightened to just divide the zodiac into the basic, boring binary of feminine and masculine energy, right? That's just how they did it, but not every sign fits so easily into these categories and not every person's gender fits well into the sign that they were born in.
It's more of a sliding scale sort of thing, isn't it?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Be my compatabilibuddy?

One big thing that people like to know about is astrological compatibility. How do the signs get along with each other? Will we fall in love? Will we get along? Will we both try to poison each other and die at the same time? Will we meet, then find each other boring? In what order will these things happen? etc.

That depends on several factors:

Monday, February 15, 2016

Beautiful new header thanks to Day of the Doodles!

Thank you, Day of the Doodles for the beautiful new header!

Check out their etsy shop here: Day of the Doodles

I've worked with them on numerous occasions and I've never been disappointed.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lovey Dovey

While it's easy to dwell on the negative, every sign in the zodiac possesses some qualities that are straight up dreamy. What do people love about you and your sign?

Let's do this alphabetically, just for weirdness' sake.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

So many feelings

Hi everybody! Some signs are way better with the whole feelings thing than others are. Duh-doy. Clouds also appear in a myriad of shapes, or so I hear. Brushing aside the obvious, let's discuss the hows and whys of how some signs appear to be emotional savants and others need flow charts, puppets and fill-in-the-blank notes to even recognize feelings.

Let's hit it!

Ouch! Not that hard.

Surprise, bitch! We're starting with Pisces this time. Eat it up Pisces friends!

Pisces people are next level when it comes to understanding emotions...just not theirs. They're natural observers and because people find them really easy to be around they tend to let their freak flags fly. Friends and strangers just sort of drop their guard when they are around the Pisces. This can lead to occasional awkwardness but they take it with a gentle smile. Their own emotions require constant filtering and processing to be manageable. They can't just let them sit there or it will make a spectacular mess.

Aquarians don't have feelings. They know that feelings are real and that other people have them but they just do not compute. We're idea people, we're great with ideas. There's a chance that if an Aquarius has a more enlightened rising sign or moon sign that they'll be somewhat more capable of dealing with emotions. Otherwise, this is what you get.

Capricorns can only deal with their own emotions. There are precisely two of them: happy and angry. Happy appears shows up wearing the mask of quiet content. Angry shows up like a war-band with pyrotechnics. They will burn down your ancestral home and salt the earth. Capricorn has no time to deal with the feelings of others. They could give a damn.

Sagittarius and emotions are comparable to a rag-tag losing hockey team who has all the spirit in the world but no talent for the game. They have so many feelings and have no idea how to express them appropriately, wisely or in ways that people can observe them and recognize the emotion. Yeah. The Sag is a little hopeless at dealing with their own issues but they're kind-hearted people and if they can help someone they will try their hardest.

Scorpio is trapped in a glass case of emotion. Just kidding! That might suggest that their emotions are transparent in any way. Haha! Their inner feelings are opaque and deep enough to dive in. They feel every emotion powerfully and they feel for others too, despite their stoic appearance. Scorpio doesn't let their emotions show in a way that would convey weakness. Even when they are crying, they never let you forget that they could kick your ass.

Libra uses emotions to manipulate. That's not always a bad thing. They use them like paints to create, change and express for themselves and others. Librans work hard to maintain a balance in their inner lives. This is essential for their happiness and health. They work their manipulative magic to make sure that those close to them remain balanced as well for the same reasons.

Virgo is fairly uncomfortable with displays of emotion that they feel are excessive. They're the moderates of the zodiac and they keep things cute and controlled. Smiles, yes. Jumping up and down, no. A few tears, yes. Ugly crying, absolutely not. Other peoples' emotions are tended to gently and thoughtfully. Would you expect any less?

Leo doesn't do so consciously, but they don't register other peoples' feelings as being as important, valid or vivid as their own. Their own emotions loom so large that those of the peasantry (everyone else) just aren't as important. They will not apologize either.

Cancer is the most expressive with their emotions of any sign. They don't give a damn about what others think, they feel all of the feelings. They are represented by the crab and their tough shell protects them from the hardest bumps. Because of this, they feel safe to truly express themselves. They are great at reading other people and supporting them.

Gemini experiences and processes their emotions swiftly. They never stay one way for long. With the more negative emotions, this works out really well. When the more positive emotions fly by and leave them a little cold, they can often go on a thrill-seeking spiral downwards. They tend to avoid dealing with other people's negative emotions but actively seek out the positive ones. They can end up being an unintentionally fair weather friend.

Taurus experiences their emotions fully and very slowly. They take a long time to heat up and an even longer time to cool down. If they are angry at you, you had best watch the fuck out. If they are happy with you, expect sweet smiles. They are good natured people and they're pretty good at helping others through their own emotions.

Aries experiences everything fast and furiously. Even when they're so happy, they could still totally slap someone. Joyfully. If they are upset, they will definitely slap you. Joyfully. Even if they just do so in their mind. Other people's emotions only exist if they stand in the way of the Aries getting what they want. They will be brushed aside. Snap.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The tumblr'd and the dead

It's possible that you too are a rabid internet connoisseur and you've seen images listing different zodiac signs, perhaps dividing them into "squads". Personally, I find these to be hilarious and entertaining. I love it when they take something super specific and then proceed to list 8 out of the 12 signs of the zodiac as belonging to that squad.

Did I lose you? Have some samples:

This one is pretty damn accurate.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Inertia is a property of matter and a pain in the ass

Anybody can get stuck in a rut. It's one of the easiest things in the world. Getting out of a slump of a rut is the hard part. Some of us thrash around wildly, trying to free ourselves from the sticky muck of life. Some of us give in and let the muck take us. It could be worse, we think. Each sign deals with these feelings differently and it can take a special strategy to get out of the rut.